Can Alex have his cake and eat it too?

Farm-boy Alex begins to grow restless with his employer, Jack, and tries to find balance with his new role as his houseboy. What Alex really needs is some friends his own age. So when new neighbor Olivia invites him out he jumps at the chance. But there’s more than just friendship on the horizon when Gabe re-enters the picture. The chiseled and handsome man offers up sordid fun that Alex can’t turn down, can he?

Things are about to get a whole lot steamier in Somerville.

Casual Affair is the third part in The Houseboy series. Read on to find out just how complicated and steamy Alex’s love life can get.

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Who is Oliver Thrust

Oliver ThrustOliver Thrust writes it as he likes it, hard, fast and kinky. But he also has a softer side, and is an old romantic at heart.