Austin Todd has many problems. He’s awkward, newly out, unemployed, and completely, absolutely smitten with his hot new roommate Connor. But that isn’t even the start of it. Austin is just finding his way in a new city and beginning a new life full of adventure.

There’s also more to the Connor than meets the eye, his job is as mysterious as he is sexy. As Austin starts to explore his burgeoning sexuality he finds that living in the big city has temptations that he can’t resist. Especially when it comes to making money…

Desire is the first book of the Eden Chronicle., Plunge deeper into this world of mystery, sin, sex and indulgence–if you dare!

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Who is Oliver Thrust

Oliver ThrustOliver Thrust writes it as he likes it, hard, fast and kinky. But he also has a softer side, and is an old romantic at heart.