Second Contract

A new offer, a new beginning and a hot new first!

Once again Alex finds himself in a bind, he has to find a new place to live and a new job. Thankfully he has options in the form of one sexy Mr. Pratt.

He has to swallow his pride and contact the mysterious and rich older man. But in doing so Alex gets an offer he can’t refuse!

There is only one problem, if Alex agrees to Mr. Pratt’s terms then he can’t be with anyone else. Alex must decide what he wants and if he can stomach monogamy. He’s having too much fun, and decides to have one last round of frisky, three-way fun to celebrate…

Second Contract is the fifth part in the Houseboy series. Things are finally looking up for Alex and there are even hotter happenings on the horizon.

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Who is Oliver Thrust

Oliver ThrustOliver Thrust writes it as he likes it, hard, fast and kinky. But he also has a softer side, and is an old romantic at heart.