Seducing Mr. Stevens

Hunter is obsessed with his best friend’s father. He has spent his whole life pining after the studly older man and even though Hunter’s in college his crush hasn’t gone away. After a few beers one day he’s determined get with Mr. Stevens once and for all.

However when Mr. Stevens catches Hunter in his study, the young stud gets more than he bargained for. Punishment is in order. Hunter soon finds himself on the wrong end of a flogger and learning that reality can be better than fantasy.

Seducing Mr. Stevens is a 6100 word gay erotica short the contains steamy older/younger punishment, spanking and gay sex.

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Who is Oliver Thrust

Oliver ThrustOliver Thrust writes it as he likes it, hard, fast and kinky. But he also has a softer side, and is an old romantic at heart.