Taken in the Trees

When Tanner is forced to attend a camping trip he thinks he’s in for a real boring weekend. At twenty years old everyone still treats him like a kid. But when hunky older man Rick shows up he can’t believe his luck. Tanner’s had a crush on Rick for years and yearns to get close to him.

But there is no way of knowing Rick feels the same. That is until Tanner catches him with his pants down taking a leak. Then the older man reveals he knows of Tanner’s desires, and he is more than willing to indulge him right there in the woods.

Taken in the Trees is a 8500 word gay erotica tale containing explicit depiction of taboo gay sex in the great outdoors.

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Who is Oliver Thrust

Oliver ThrustOliver Thrust writes it as he likes it, hard, fast and kinky. But he also has a softer side, and is an old romantic at heart.