Going Wide, A New Era of Smoldering Books

Another update on our publishing situation. Previously we talked about the changes being untenable, and now we’re announcing that Smoldering Books is going wide. All our titles have been removed from the KDP Select program and are no longer Amazon exclusive. Over the next few weeks expect to see our titles popping up on other retailers such as Smashwords, Google Play, Nook, Kobo and more.

This is an exciting new endeavor, and we’re proud to be able to offer on multiple platforms. It’s a big change, so there might be some speed bumps along the way. Of course, all our Smoldering Books are still available on Amazon, but being in an exclusive agreement where the pay rate is variable and opaque is no longer something we’re interested in. So onwards to the future, and I hope we’ll be seeing you again. From everyone here at Smoldering Books, I look forward to this exciting, dynamic new chapter.

Keep your eyes out for titles on the major platforms, and there will be more fun, fresh, exciting and smoldering new announcements in the coming weeks. I’ve been making improvements and tweaks to the website, with some great new features coming soon.

If this was a move to try and push out short writers well we’re not going anywhere. We’re going everywhere.

Who is Mr. Smolder

Mr Smolder is the founder of Smoldering Books, sometimes author, sometimes cover designer and otherwise deviant kinkster.