Hairy Thirds by Theo Stone
I'll Do Anything by Theo Stone
Owned by Oliver Thrust
Taken by Tyson by Oliver Thrust
Hard and Hairy Vol. 3 by Theo Stone
Obsessed by Oliver Thrust
Between Two Cubs by Theo Stone
Illicit Encounters by Oliver Thrust
Double Dare by Theo Stone
Breaking Free by Oliver Thrust
The "Straight Cub" by Theo Stone
Laying Pipe
The Hard Way
Hard and Hairy
Bare in the Woods
Living It Up
Quick N Dirty
Illicit Encounters Vol. Two
Going Deeper
Second Contract
Grounded and Pounded
Wet in the Office
Wet Affairs
Wet in the Office
The Golden Boy
The Camping Trip
Taken in the Trees
Taboo Gay Urges
Sordid Passions
Serving Mr. Stevens
Seducing Mr. Stevens
Savoring Mr. Stevens
Ryan's First Time
Ridden on the Porch
On His Knees
Illicit Encounters
His Morning Wood
His Hard Homework
His Best Friend's Father
Hard Taboo Hunk
Glory at the Hole
Furtive Longings
Forbidden Liaisons
First Time Stretch
Covered in His Gold
Shopping Mall Stud Cover